What is the Difference between Counsellors, Psychologists and Psychiatrists?

Counsellors help their clients to explore personal issues and try to resolve problems through various methods. While these practitioners can be very helpful, there is currently no minimum training or qualification to register as a Counsellor or Psychotherapist in Australia and these services are not covered by Medicare at this stage.

Psychologists help mentally healthy people handle stress and function better in their lives. As experts in human behaviour, Clinical Psychologists are able to diagnose and treat mental illnesses, although they cannot prescribe medications. Psychologists must complete a University Degree in Psychology and Post-graduate education to become a Clinical Psychologist. and register with the Australian Psychological Society, which represents 20,000 members.

Psychiatrists are experts in the human mind and also have a medical degree. They are also to diagnose and prescribe medicine for people with mental illnesses.

What kind of Psychology is used?

Julie Allan’s practice draws heavily from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy methods, which are underpinned by a vast amount of research and are considered best practice approaches for many psychological conditions.

Julie also uses other techniques that look at changing thinking as a way of changing behaviour and emotional life. Such techniques may include ‘mindfulness’, value-focus, values and decisions direction.

Are my sessions covered by Medicare?

Yes. If you are referred by a Medical Practitioner, up to ten sessions per year are covered by Medicare.